Thursday, April 11, 2013

Superior Coal

Marietta Intelligencer, December 10, 1851

We have plenty of coal in this county, superior to the Wheeling, and fully equal to the best Pittsburg.  At present it is not accessible by any improvement which renders its transportation to our market, cheap.  We hope, however, that ere long our dwellings, shops, and manufactories may be warmed by fuel from the interior of our own hills.
Yesterday we received a box containing from one to two bushels of very superior coal, from Mr. Calvin O. Robinson, of Salem.  He obtained it from a vein on the farm of Mr. Ephraim Gould, of that township.  He says that, after deducting for waste in digging, pillars, &c., it will produce 1000 bushels to the square rod.
We want no better coal for any purpose.

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