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Cody Family Holding Its National Reunion in City

The Marietta Daily Times, August 3, 1936

Marietta is host on Monday and Tuesday to members of the Cody family organization, descendants of the common ancestor, Philip Le Cody, who settled in America in 1695, and whose descendants live in many states of the union and in Canada.  The reunion is the eleventh since the family became organized.

It is being held this year in the very heart of the community where the fourth generation, the Daniel Cody family, settled in 1836, and where so many of his descendants of the Amanda, Delila, Anson and Ansel Cody fifth generation branches now reside.  The reunion is the most important of family gatherings held in Marietta in many years, and is national in scope.

The reunion headquarters is at Hotel Lafayette where over 150 of the kinsmen had registered during the morning.  President Harvey Purdey Cody of Hanford, California, was one of the first to arrive in Marietta, and with Ernest William Cody, of London, Ontario, Canada, secretary-treasurer of the family organization, and Myron E. Danielson of Marietta, regional vice president of the organization in Ohio, received the members of the family as they reported for registration.  The Riverview dining room of Hotel Lafayette is being used for the registration.  Many members of the family from Washington and adjoining counties were listed with those who had come from distant cities and from Ohio.

An attractive program for the pleasure and entertainment of the Cody family descendants is arranged, with Myron E. Danielson of Marietta largely responsible for the program, which includes a family dinner in the Riverview dining room at Hotel Lafayette on Monday evening, with Harry B. Cody of Cleveland the toastmaster.  General business and discussion of family historical data will occupy the early hours of Monday afternoon.  A motor drive to points of interest in and about Marietta will be enjoyed later in the afternoon.

The program for Tuesday will include discussion of unfinished business and after adjournment the group will motor to Beverly where a picnic luncheon will be enjoyed at Island Park at 12:30 p.m.  The recreational facilities of Island Park will be enjoyed after which the group will return to Hotel Lafayette for farewell greetings.

Officers of the family organization here at the reunion included Harvey Purdey Cody of Hanford, California, president; Ernest William Cody of London, Ontario, secretary-treasurer; Miss Lydia S. Cody of Babson Park, Florida, chairman of the historical board; Chester W. Crouch of Columbus, regional vice-president from Ohio, and Myron E. Danielson of Marietta, also a regional vice-president.

A colonial family with descendants in many states in the union and in Canada, the Cody family has made a contribution to American life of no inconsequential importance, according to the personnel of the family roster which has been assembled into a directory.  Probably the best known member of the family is Colonel William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill), born in 1846 and who died in 1917.  His ancestor was Samuel Cody of the fifth generation of Codys.

Colonel William F. Cody is remembered by those of his generations on account of his military career in the United States army and as the Buffalo Bill who visited in Marietta with his wild west show years ago.

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