Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flood Scenes Should Not Be Sold

The Marietta Daily Times, May 15, 1907

They Hurt Our City.

We have not a great deal of love for the "Souvenir Post Card" craze and know that in some of its phases it is an abomination to man, if not to the Lord.

Just how many of them are being sold in Marietta to the numerous strangers who are within our gates and many more are being exposed for sale.

Those that are views of our many historical places, or pictures of our prominent people, editors for instance, are all right and should be sold in large quantities, as they will carry information wherever they go and will be perpetual joys and delights to all who see them.

But we see prominently displayed many that are flood scenes, that show a number of our places when they were in the grasp of the great River Ohio when it was angry with us.

We do not believe these should be sold and sent broadcast over the State, or possibly the country.  They convey a wrong impression as some who see them may think that Marietta is continually, perpetually and eternally in high water, instead of being in it every fifteen or twenty years, or less.  They may think the normal stage of the rivers is the flood stage.

These pictures convey a bad impression also and may prevent some from coming here to reside and do business, as those who have never been through floods have a greater horror of them than have those who have experienced them.

These pictures of floods are bad advertisements of our city and those who make their livings by doing business here should not offer them for sale or sell them.

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