Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The Marietta Times, April 27, 1898

Complaint having been made to Mayor Richardson that one Mollie Williams was running a disorderly house on Church street, he ordered the police to raid the place which they did about 2 o'clock Sunday morning.  They found in the house 5 women and 7 young men and arrested all but one woman who made her escape through a window.  The women captured were arraigned before the Mayor Monday morning, and three of them pleading guilty, they were each fined $10.00 and costs except Mollie Williams who, being the keeper of the place, was fined $40.00.  Edith Berry pleaded not guilty and her trial was set for a later date.

The boys arrested were given a lecture full of good advice, and after being notified that a severe penalty would follow a repetition of the offence, were permitted to go without being fined.  It is a sad commentary upon the time in which we live that they in age ranged from 15 to 20 years.  If we were Mayor those who encouraged the visits of boys of those tender years to their places would spend most of their time in jail.

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