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County Boys Leave Camp Knox Today

The Marietta Register, July 31, 1924

After a month of intensive training in military tactics, the twenty-six young men from Washington county who attended the citizens' military training cantonment at Camp Knox, Ky., have started for home.  A large number of them will arrive here tonight, but several of the boys will remain in Cincinnati for a short sight-seeing trip.

Of the twenty-six Washington county youths who attended the camp, thirteen of them are from this city.  Three Marietta men, Major Robert Cole, Captain S. A. Coffman and Lieutenant Walter K. Payne, are in the officers' training school at Camp Knox.  They are expected to return the first of the week after eighteen days' instruction in military strategy and advanced tactics.

Marietta's delegation to camp Knox played no small part in the affairs of the camp.  Twelve of the thirteen boys from here were corporals, six of them in the First Ohio regiment.  Three Marietta boys, Edward Spence, Marvin Wellman and Robert Ford, were in the Camp Knox band, the largest military band in the country.  Spence was assisting director.

Those from Marietta who attended the camp are:

John E. Rennard, 528 Front street; Walter D. Sauer, Rathbone Addition; George A. Cooke, 308 Montgomery street; Robert R. Ford, 405 Franklin street; Howard M. Scott, 422 Bellevue street; James Sprague, 316 Third street; Ralph B. Klintworth, 618 Ninth street; John Philip Seeley, 806 Front street; Marvin F. Wellman, 415 Third street; Melvin A. Leppin, 411 Fort street; Edward D. Spence, and Ray C. Spence, 208 Putnam avenue; Albert R. Schuff, Rathbone Addition, and Edward J. Chamberlain, Elmwood street.

Those from out of Marietta who went to Camp Knox are:

Arthur W. Ellix, Main street, New Matamoras; Perry A. DeLong, and Howard C. Knapp, Newport; Cecil W. Beaver, R.F.D. No. 3, New Matamoras; Joseph C. Eddy, R.F.D. No. 3, Newport; Virgil R. Swift, Swift; Clarence M. Lager, R.F.D. No. 3, New Matamoras; Orland P. Clark, Newport; William G. Nixon, Waterford; Howard H. Nowland, Fay; Carl F. Edwards, Newport; Harold W. Sweeney, Lowell; Darryl W. Travis, Waterford.

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