Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Marietta Intelligencer, December 2, 1854

Thanksgiving was this year more generally observed in Marietta than ever before.  Nearly all the stores were closed, the factories were stopped, and there was quite a general suspension of business.

The heartiness and sincerity of the Thanksgiving of those who have been blessed during the year, cannot at this time be better manifested than by a kind remembrance of the poor and destitute, among us - for there are families in every community to whom winter brings terror and peril.

"Few save the poor feel for the poor;
     The rich know not how hard
It is to be of needful rest
     And needful food debarr'd;
They know not of the scanty meal,
     With small pale faces round;
No fire upon the cold damp hearth
     When snow is on the ground."


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