Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Name Change Effected By Local Firm

The Marietta Register, November 28, 1923

After operating for a period of nearly twenty-one years under the name of The Marietta Mantel Company, this firm has changed its name to The Brickwede Brothers Company.

The name was no longer representative of the business.  About twenty-one years ago the present firm started the manufacture of cabinet mantels, which line they still manufacture at their lower plant at the corner of Gilman and Wood streets.  Six years ago they built a new furniture factory in the new Westview Industrial Addition, and the furniture business has grown by such leaps and bounds until at present the furniture business is several times as large as the mantel business.  Therefore, the name was no longer representative of the business.

C. O. Brickwede and F. M. Brickwede having been in charge of the active management of the business since its beginning, and having a wide acquaintance with the trade, the board of directors by unanimous vote have changed the name to the Brickwede Brothers Company.

This business was started nearly twenty-one years ago in a small frame factory at the corner of Harmar and Lancaster streets where it operated for about five years.  They then purchased the plant known as the Lawrence Piano Company, which was later occupied by the Marietta Paint and Color company, from whom the purchase was made, where they have since operated their mantel factory, and this line is recognized throughout the country as the strongest line of mantels being made in the United States.

In 1917 they built one of the most modern furniture factories to be found in the country at the new Westview Industrial Addition where they manufacture a very high class line of period dining room suits, which includes buffets, tables, china cabinets, serving tables, and chairs, and this line has found a ready market in every state in the Union.

They compete successfully with the well established factories in Grand Rapids and Jamestown, and in fact, display their line twice a year at the Grand rapids furniture market in competition with five hundred other furniture factories.

C. O. Brickwede is in charge of sales and has as his assistants eighteen other salesmen who travel from coast to coast and from the gulf to the lakes.

F. M. Brickwede has been the general manager for the past twenty-one years and with Mr. A. J. Shircliffe, a highly successful furniture manufacturer and designer, as general superintendent and in charge of production, the firm is assured of a successful future under its new name.  The directors of the firm are as follows:  C. O. Brickwede, F. M. Brickwede, W. W. Trout, C. F. Strecker, B. F. Strecker, W. T. Hastings, and A. J. Shircliffe.

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