Tuesday, December 24, 2013

First White Christmas Here in Twelve Years

The Marietta Daily Times, December 24, 1929

Remember the red sled that Santa Claus brought you years and years ago? Can't you just feel the thrill of it now? And you could hardly wait until breakfast was over and you could go out on the hill and try it.

Well, your children and grandchildren are going to have that same experience tomorrow morning - thanks to a genuine white Christmas.

It has been a long time since there has been as much snow for Christmas as there is this year, and few boys and girls of 15 can recall a real white Christmas. There has been one in the last 15 years, but it was so long ago that most 15-year-olds were too young to remember it.

To make sure The Times appealed to the U.S. Weather Bureau for the record and Forecaster Howe supplied it.  Two years ago, on Christmas Day, 1927, there was a trace of snow but not enough to make a white Christmas.

Five years ago, on Christmas Day, 1924, there was more snow and the official measurement showed four-tenths of an inch of the white and beautiful. But that wasn't enough to make a real white Christmas, much less to make coasting possible.

Christmas Day, 1917, was the last real honest-to-goodness, snow-bound white one of which there is record in this section of the United States. It was cold, with a lot of snow - something of the same sort that we are promised this year.

That was 12 years ago.

Today there is more than six inches of snow. The weather man promises moderating temperatures for Wednesday. But the snow is here and a genuine, old-fashioned white Christmas is assured.


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