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New Music Store Opens Its Doors

Sunday Morning Observer, December 16, 1917

Marietta will see the opening of another up-to-date music store, Monday, when The Carroll Music Company, composed of B. B. Myers, D. C. Moore, W. E. Stewart, C. J. Carroll and M. Cullen, will begin business at 125 Putnam Street. For the past several weeks a force of carpenters and painters have been busy in remodeling the store room under the direction of C. J. Carroll, general manager of the company, and as a result the interior has been finished most beautifully in white enamel.

Sound proof rooms have been installed and the large show window, with its display of the famous Aeolian-Vocalion machines makes a most attractive sight.

Mr. Carroll, who is probably one of the best known men in this part of the state will personally manage the affairs of the new company in this city. Mr. Carroll came to Marietta nearly two years ago from Buffalo, N.Y., and for the greater part of 1916 he acted in capacity of general manager of the Wainwright Music Company. Through his business transactions and his own personality he made many friends in Marietta who will wish him the best of success in his new store.

Manager Carroll said that it was the intention of the company to carry the highest grade of pianos, talking machines and other musical instruments. In this line will appear the noted Steinway, Weber and Steck Pianolas manufactured by the Aeolian-Vocalion Company, recognized as the largest musical instrument manufacturing company in the world. In addition to the Aeolian-Vocalion machine, Mr. Carroll will handle the Columbia and Alethetone machine, the latter being made by the Stevens Organ and Piano Company of this city. String instruments will also be included in the new stock with a large assortment of sheet music and talking machine records.


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