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Marietta and Washington County Pilot, May 11, 1826 

Messrs. Printers:

A complaint of a very criminal nature was, on the 28th of April last, made before us against Mr. FAYETTE SHERMAN.  As it is probable that reports injurious to Mr. Sherman’s character, will be in circulation: we deem it a duty which we owe him, to state, through your paper, to the public, that at the examination, held at Warren on the first instant, the complaint was not only entirely unsupported, but appeared to be made without the least foundation of facts, of a criminal nature.

The abandoned wretch, who made the complaint, having left the state; Mr. Sherman may be deprived of the opportunity of a public prosecution. – This adds to the propriety of making this statement public.

Justices of the Peace. 
Ephraim Cutler,
Oren Newton.

Warren, May 4th, 1826.

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