Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Used Gun to Scare Umpire

The Register-Leader, May 6, 1907

Youthful Ball Players Cut Quite a Caper on Washington Street Commons.

A miniature hold-up was a feature of a baseball game, Saturday afternoon, between a lot of boys on Washington Street commons, and from the actions of two or three of the boys, it is very evident that they have a bad career before them unless they are immediately rounded up.

Two young teams were scheduled for a game.  Two members of one team went prepared to win no matter what happened, and when a dispute arose over a decision by the umpire, one of the boys immediately pulled a loaded pistol of twenty-two calibre, and proceeded to tell the official of the game what he would do.

Things were getting pretty lively when George Curtis, a well-known colored man, came along and took the gun away from the belligerent player.  The weapon was taken to the store of Frank Baker, unloaded, and the boy was told he could have it after the game was over.  

Within a very few minutes a companion of the boy entered the store, flourished another gun, and threatened the store keeper if he did not return the pistol he had.  The store keeper immediately went over the counter, grabbed the boy with the second gun, and took it away from him.  

In the meantime the other youngster, so it is reported, proceeded to a show case where his gun had been placed, secured it and helped himself to other articles.  But about this time customers entered the store and both boys were captured.  The goods were taken from the boys and they were allowed to go their way.  They both belong to respectable families, and their parents will be notified of their actions.

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