Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Petroleum Saloon

The Marietta Times, December 8, 1864

On Thursday evening of last week, the "Petroleum Saloon" was formally opened to the public.  The proprietors, J. De Kator & Co., gave a free supper, and extended invitations to every body to partake of their hospitality.  Not less than one hundred and fifty persons availed themselves of the opportunity to test the quality of their edibles.  As for the quantity, there was "enough, and to spare."  The supper was all that the most fastidious epicure could desire - consisting of oysters, turkey, chicken, ham, pies, cakes, jellies, crackers, bread, butter, &c.

The Saloon is specially intended as an Eating House for oil men, and all others temporarily sojourning in the city.  Meals prepared at all hours, on short notice.  The bar, which is merely adjunct to the Saloon, contains the choicest liquors, cigars, &c.

When you desire to "eat, drink, and be merry," go to the Petroleum Saloon, north side of Greene Street, between Front and Second.


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