Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Woman's Rights

The Marietta Times, December 8, 1864

On Monday night, a brainless, senseless creature, clothed in female apparel (doubtless a female, though we could not vouch for that), delivered a ranting rearing Woman's Rights harangue at the Court House, in this city.  Our reporter having been absent, we are unable to give a synopsis of this piece of femme de nonsense; but we learn that she "spread it on" pretty muchly! - asserting the right of females to take part in elections, fill public offices, and do all other things which men may of right do, and declaring it to be the height of man's ambition to chew tobacco, smoke cigars, and drink whisky. We do not know that she announced herself in favor of doffing petticoats and donning breeches, but see no reason why she should not have done so.  

The audience was an unsympathizing one, and manifested their disapprobation in various ways, doubtless thinking such dubious characters better qualified for pinning up three corners of a diaper than instructing them in the rights to which females are entitled.  Of course, the lecturer was affronted, and left in high dudgeon, declaring that she "had always heard Marietta was a selfish place!"  May the good old city continue to be selfish!

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