Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Government Building

The Daily Register, January 21, 1899

Plans Received for the New Lockmaster's House on the Ice Harbor Lot.

Lockmaster Henry Savage has received from the U.S. engineer department the plans for the new house which is to be erected on the Ice Harbor lot on the 45-foot strip granted to the general government by the State Legislature, Ministerial Trustees, and City Council. The building will be an eight-room brick structure, 39.2 by 26.6 feet in dimensions, two stories in height, and will contain eight rooms.

While the structure will not be large, it will present a handsome appearance and contribute materially to the improvement of the lot. The foundation will be built under the direction of Mr. Savage and will be entirely of concrete, blocked off in imitation of stone work. The foundation will be built to a height of six feet nine inches above the surface of the ground.

Mr. Savage states that the government will fill only that part of the lot under their control.


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