Wednesday, March 9, 2016


Home News, May 2, 1862

D. G. Matthews is preparing the foundations of a fine private residence on Fifth street, next to Dr. Cotton's. The contract has been let to the Marietta Planing Mill Company.

Auditor Wheeler is making some substantial additions and improvements to his residence on Fourth Street. The appearance is exceedingly tasteful. M. H. Needham superintends the work.

Peter Kunz is about erecting a two story brick building on the corner of Front street and the Foundry Alley, on the site of the old Post office. This spoils a still greater improvement - the widening of the alley twenty feet and making a street of it. It could be done for a comparatively small sum, and is greatly needed. It is a wonder that the owners of property on either side of the alley do not themselves make the improvement. The increased value of their property would be greater than the amount sacrificed.  


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