Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ohio River Rising

The Marietta Times, March 23, 1865

On Friday night the Ohio commenced rising, and by Sunday, the lower portions of the city were completely inundated. Fears were entertained by some that the rise would be equal to that of 1860. 

In anticipation of such an event, many families living in the lower parts of the city removed their household goods to their second stories, or to the more elevated portions of the city. The merchants on Front street were obliged to remove all barrels, sacks, &c., from their cellars.  Greene, Front, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth streets were partially covered, and persons were obliged to go to and from their residences in skiffs. 

About one o'clock on Monday morning, the water commenced falling, and on Wednesday evening it was about at a stand. No damage, so far as we could learn, was sustained by anyone. The water was not so high, by seven or eight feet, as in 1860.

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