Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Beautiful Colored Movie Being Made in Marietta Under Kiwanis Sponsorship

The Marietta Daily Times, April 30, 1941:

A group of Mariettans will see themselves as others seldom see them - in the movies. That's right. A technicolor motion picture is being made in Marietta with local people playing stellar and extra parts in the cast. Scenes from local industry are being incorporated into the plot.

The Marietta Kiwanis Club is sponsoring the production. The world premiere will take place Thursday and Friday, May 8 and 9, in the Betsey Mills Club gymnasium.

"We're in the Movies" is assured of being something extraordinary in home talent production. "Gary Owens" will be featured as he comes to Marietta and gets acquainted with the city.

Work on location and other matters of production and supervision have been moving along under guidance of President P. W. Griffiths, Floyd Pfaff, J. W. Kennedy, H. B. Schum and George Light of the sponsoring club. Miss Lillian B. Smith and Miss Sharon Howard, director, and William H. Moore, cameraman of the John B. Rogers Producing Company.

Among the cast selected are the following:

Mayor Earl D. Schob, Herbert U. Smith, Judge Frank Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ellis MacDonald, James Kennedy, Franklin Wagner, Postmaster Frank McCauley, Miss Marjorie Flaig, James Austin, James Morgan, Dan Baker, Henry Kaufman, Gene Sweeterman, O. E. Capehart, Carl Funk.

William Lesser, Wilbur D. Jones, Miss Ruth Ellen Savenye, Miss Phyllis Dodd, Miss Betty Griffiths, Miss Pauline Huck, Miss Louise Heldman, Miss Dorothy Dow, Miss Elinor Pryor, Miss Barbara Quigley, Miss Patricia Whiting, Miss Joan Sutton.

Miss Ruth Heath, Miss Elaine Riggs, Miss Carolyn Hayes, Miss Margaret Fleming, Miss Ruth Milbaugh, Miss Marjorie Knox, Miss Margaret Burton, Miss Alice Wagner, Miss Helen Nunn, Miss Lily Cochran, Miss Dorothy Matheny, Miss Dora Mae Belleville, Miss Evelyn Payne, Miss Edna Guckert, Miss Edith Kerns, Miss Edith Hill, Miss Jean Oliver, Miss Helen Hawkins, James Heyrock, Miss Jane Henry, Miss Marylin Henry, James Bird II, Gates Bird, Charles Ebinger, Richard Williams, David Peavy, Miss Judith Peavy and William Peavy.


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