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Plans For A New High School At Newport Adopted

The Register-Leader, March 23, 1916

Fine New Structure is to be Erected in Newport Village

Plans for the Newport high school building have been adopted by the Newport board of education, the plans having been submitted by Architect Harry Myer, of Zanesville. Work on the building will probably be begun in the near future. The residents of this section voted for a $15,000 bond issue for the school building on Jan. 4, and bonds have been sold to the state industrial commission.

The plans were adopted by the board at its last meeting, and Mrs. Effie S. Rea, who has the distinction of being the only woman president of a board of education in the county, has taken up a number of matters pertaining to the new school under consideration.

The new building will be a two-story structure with an assembly room, seating 300 on the second floor, and a large gymnasium will be installed in the basement, with shower baths, and with manual training and domestic science laboratories adjoining. There will be a number of recitation rooms, and complete physics and chemistry laboratories.

The building will be erected on the three-acre tract in the center of the town recently purchased by the board. The old high school building will be turned over to the grades.

Beginning next year, four rural school districts will be united with the Newport district, thus creating a new school district.

There are at present forty students enrolled in Newport high school of whom seven will receive diplomas this spring, and of whom thirteen are freshmen. The three high school teachers are Supt. R. E. Stone, Miss Mary Brown and Miss Ethel McCarley.


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