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Five Are Landed In Raid

Marietta Daily Times, December 30, 1915

Police raided an alleged disorderly house at No. 121 Ohio street about 9:30 o'clock Wednesday night, arresting Mary Snider, a former resident of Parkersburg, known as "Big" Mary, together with two men and two women visitors.

One of the women, the police claim, was putting on a life-like reproduction of a painting known as "The Bath," omitting the robe used by the creator of the original art study. Admission of ten cents was charged at the outer entrance of the building, and this charge was repeated inside.

Mary Snider, who came here a few weeks ago from Parkersburg, was held to the grand jury on a charge of conducting a house of ill fame, resorted to for purposes of prostitution. She declared she was not guilty, insisting that she was a poor woman and worked hard for a living. "I wish somebody'd take a rope and hang me," she sobbed as she was led to jail in default of bond in the sum of $300.

Charles Meredith, whose home is in the country near this city, is said to have taken part in the promotion of the exhibition at the resort. His companion, who collected the money, eluded the police when they descended on the place. Meredith pleaded not guilty to a charge of intoxication and disorderly conduct. The only part of his story which appeared to impress Mayor Okey was the relating to his admitted purpose in visiting the house. He was therefore fined $20 and costs for visiting a house of ill fame for the purpose of prostitution.

Vincent Frances, who, according to his statement to the court lives "out here about 18 miles," pleaded guilty to intoxication and drew $5 and costs.

The raid was due to a visit of two men who did not exactly approve of the show and reported to Patrolmen Wolfe, Strickler and Earl Britton.

Hearings of the two women visitors on charges of disorderly conduct and of Meredith on a similar charge were set for two o'clock Thursday afternoon.


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