Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Improvements at Mound Cemetery

The Marietta Register, November 18, 1875

During a recent visit to Mound Cemetery, we were surprised at the changes for the better that had taken place in the last few months. These changes will make the Cemetery a place of resort to visitors and the pride of every good citizen of the place. A substantial picket fence has been constructed on three sides of the Cemetery, with a nice walk just inside, extending the entire distance. This leaves the front to be provided for. Mr. Whiffing, one of the Cemetery Trustees, has been indefatigable in his efforts to carry forward these improvements. There has already been expended in building and painting this fence on three sides, $613.67; making sidewalk on outside of fence, $125.00 - besides walks on inside, next to fence. This work is all paid for.

The lot owners are now asked to build the front fence, which will cost, including a handsome entrance, about $620. Of this amount there is already subscribed $360. Two massive stone posts to support an arched gateway have been erected near the front entrance - the design and execution of Mr. N. S. Alcock, the practical stone cutter. These are 34 feet apart and are designed for the support of a large gate for teams, and two side gates for foot passengers - all to be constructed of iron. Lot owners in the Cemetery, in a number of cases, are handsomely decorating and improving their lots. It now remains for all who can to come forward with pecuniary assistance and finish the job up.

Col. McIntosh of Beverly says:

Beverly, October 29.
"I have some interest in Mound Cemetery, and I want to help build the new front fence. Take this five dollars."

The Trustees took it, and thanked him. They have about $360 subscribed, and want $260 more.

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