Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Stars Over Her Door

Marietta Daily Leader, June 2, 1904

To Drive the Witches Away

Amusing Testimony in the McCormick Divorce Case

The suit for divorce and alimony which Mrs. Harry McCormick of this city brought against her husband in the court of common pleas of this county was up for hearing Wednesday and brought forth much testimony not suitable to print. The case will be finished today.

One bit of information brought out in the hearing Wednesday shows that superstition and belief in witchcraft are not yet a thing of the past even in the enlightened city of Marietta.

A succession of questions and answers regarding certain acts of Mrs. McCormick resulted in bringing out the following.

Mrs. McCormick was sick and some of the neighbors told her that an old lady living near her home was a witch and that she was probably bewitching her. Mrs. McCormick took their advice and placed three stars over the door of her house to drive off the witches. She denied, however, that she ever told her husband that she was bewitched.


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