Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fire in Harmar

Home News, August 25, 1860

On Thursday afternoon last, a fire broke out on the kitchen roof of Levi Barber's residence in Harmar, which consumed the kitchen and roof of the main building before it was arrested by the energetic exertions of the fire companies and citizens, who were promptly on hand and worked, as usual, with a will. The family were all at the picnic of the Whitney Chapel Sunday School in Williamstown, except a hired girl, who was ironing in the kitchen and did not notice the fire until it had burned through the ceiling over her head. The damage to the building is $800 or $1,000, which is covered by an insurance of $1,500 in the Washington County Mutual. There was no insurance on the furniture, which was all removed in as careful a manner as possible under the circumstances.

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