Thursday, August 13, 2009

Barlow Soldiers Corrected Again

The Marietta Register (Semi-Weekly), June 14, 1887

Mr. Editor: It does seem a little difficult to get the names of Barlow soldiers right and I have still further corrections to make.

Firstly it was Heman, not Herman, Chapman. Secondly, Albert Vincent was never in the service and Cyrus Vincent was not one of the O.N.G. There were three brothers, Ansel, David and Cyrus. Ansel first enlisted in the 36th, was discharged on account of poor health and re-enlisted in 148th O.N.G. David went first for three months, and afterwards enlisted from Athens County in the 18th and died at Tullahoma. Cyrus was a member of the 126th.

One of the Vincents.

The difficulty is always great in securing accuracy in these matters. The Register is desirous of getting all these points right and as the fault is not ours is the more patient to the end, that the local history of Barlow shall be truthfully written. We are also in receipt of these additional names: Hiram Miller, Cav.; Stephen Miller, Ar., George Young, 77th; Charles Lewis, a brother of W. H. Lewis.

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