Thursday, August 13, 2009

Barlow Soldiers Corrections

The Marietta Register (Semi-Weekly) , June 10, 1887

The following corrections to the list of Barlow’s soldiers have been handed me by Capt. Haddow which I gladly forward to the Register.

To the soldiers of 1812 the names of Darius Hartson and ____ Carr should be added, both buried in Barlow cemetery.

William Lamb of the 148th was buried at Tunnel, Warren Twp.

The name of James Gould should be added to the 148th.

B. F. Corp (in miscellaneous) was a member of the 77th O.V.I., was killed at Shiloh and buried there.

Aaron Male, John Scott and James Lewis were killed in battle, John Murchy, not Murphy, of 92.

Of this list of Barlow soldiers, the following individuals have died since the war: W. H. Morris, Harvey Dunsmoor, Simeon Evans, Hugh Conley, Solomon Sayler, George Hoysington, James McMains, Josiah Miller, David Harvey, J. H. Proctor, Andrew Harvey, William Beebe, L. P. Pond, Francis Huffman, Albert Vincent, Robert Liggins.

Of the 111 who enlisted from Barlow, 34 are now dead and 77 are yet living, 30 of whom have found homes in the far west.


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