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Barlow Soldiers

The Marietta Register (Semi-Weekly), June 3, 1887

The following is a complete list of the soldiers furnished by Barlow Township, living and deceased, including one soldier of the Revolutionary War, and two of the War of 1812.

Samuel Chapman, Sr., of the Revolutionary War, died and is buried at Barlow.

Capt. William Dustin.
B. F. Palmer.

36th Regt. O.V.I., Co. F.James Haddow.
S. W. Harvey.
W. H. Morris.
Harvey Dunsmoor.
Arthur Lawton.
Ezra J. Lawton, died at Summerville, W.Va., in 1862, buried at Barlow.
A. F. Tiffany.
D. S. Huffman.
R. A. Huffman.
S. H. Huffman.
Anson Woodruff.
A. P. Beach.
C. T. Beach.
D. L. Preston.
William Harvey.
F. M. Cunningham, died at Summerville, W.Va., 1862, and buried at Barlow.
Simeon Evans.
David Evans, died at Camp Dennison, O., 1864, and buried at Barlow.
Nicholas Clay.
Henry Green.
John Louthan.
Zeno Johnson, died at Chattanooga, 1864, and buried at National Cemetery, Chattanooga.
Benjamin Robinson.
Robert Harvey, killed at Cloyd Mountain, Va., 1864, and buried at Dublin, Va.
M. D. Mingus.
Solomon Saylor.
Hugh Conley.
E. A. Chapman.
George Hoysington.
C. W. Love.
James McMains.
Anselm Vincent.
Josiah Miller.

63rd Regt., O.V.I.
Alexander Ormiston.
Archibald Ormiston.
D. H. Morrow.

77th Regt. O.V.I.James Bartlett.
John Bartlett.
James Fleming, killed at Shiloh, 1862, and buried at Shiloh.
R. H. Fleming.
David Harvey.
H. S. Richards.
L. D. Richards.
Joseph Robinson, killed at Shiloh, 1862, and buried at Barlow.
J. P. Calvert, killed at Shiloh, 1862, and buried at Shiloh.
J. W. Morris.
George Gooding.

92nd Regt. O.V.I.John W. Huffman, died Carthage, Tenn., 1863, and buried at Carthage, Tenn.
J. W. Merrill.
J. J. Clark.
Robert Graham.
I. B. Lawton.
John Murphy, died at Nashville, Tenn., 1863, and buried in Dunham, Twp.
Benajah Morris.
J. H. Proctor.

148th Regt., O.N.G.
I. F. Palmer.
William Agin.
P. Dunsmoore.
C. E. Evans.
J. C. Vincent.
I. A. Ormiston.
Thomas Lynch.
T. J. Mellor.
John Dustin.
James F. Ormiston.
C. L. Christopher.
David Gates.
R. G. Lawton.
Andrew Greenlees.
J. A. Arnold.
G. M. Morris.
David Smith.
Daniel Murchy.
Andrew Harvey.
W. W. Huffman, died at Bermuda Hundred, Va., and buried at Bermuda Hundred.
J. H. Robinson.
William Beebe.
B. F. Culver.
G. B. Turner.
L. P. Pond.
William Lamb, died at Bermuda Hundred, Va., and buried at Barlow.
Joseph Morris.
J. A. Henry.
M. A. Vanvaley.
Richard Fisher.
William Miller.
A. W. Tomkins.

D. W. Payne, 125th Regt., O.V.I.
William H. McGetchey, 125th Regt. O.V.I.
James Carlin, 125th Regt. O.V.I.
W. K. Dunbar, 53rd Regt., O.V.I., died in the service.
Jacob Sayler, 53rd Regt., O.V.I.
John Jones, killed at Chancellorsville, Va., 1863, Huntingdon’s Battery, and buried at Barlow.
Francis Huffman.
W. H. Lewis, 3rd U.S. Colored Infantry.
Charles Stribling, 3rd U.S. Colored Infantry.
C. W. Butler, 3rd U.S. Colored Infantry, killed.
Aaron Male, 3rd U.S. Colored Infantry.
John Scott, 3rd U.S. Colored Infantry.
James Lewis, 3rd U.S. Colored Infantry.
Robert Liggins, 3rd U.S. Colored Infantry.
Isaac Miller.
David Vincent.
Albert Vincent.
Jacob Jones.
J. W. Vanvaley.
T. H. Cooksey.
David Woodruff.
William H. Cunningham.
S. F. Harvey.
B. F. Corp.

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