Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Emblem Town

American Friend & Marietta Gazette, March 12, 1828

Mr. Prentiss:

In 1824, a little prior to Robert Owen's first arrival in America, I went to Washington, distributed my printed memorial to each member of that Congress, for a grant of a million acres of land in East Florida in behalf of my "Scientific Commonwealth."  When read in the Senate, it expired for need of breath.  I then embarked for St. Domingo, intending to petition Boyer; but was wrecked by a gale, and lost 650 dollars.  With the remainder of my damaged cargo, I visited South America, and found it a paradise for communities.  But those superstitious people could not estimate how unity gives knowledge, knowledge wealth, wealth power and felicity.

The "Scientific Commonwealth" over which I preside, (and Sol, like the head of any body, must guide the rest of the planets) has commenced at Emblem Town, 7 miles from Marietta, between Duck Creek and Muskingum river; and several families are now in full co-operation, one for all - all for one!  My school begins this week.  We receive scholars to board, &c. on moderate terms; mutual instruction our method, withits monitorial discipline.  But we inculcate no other religion than that of nature, and reverence to the Great Spirit of the Universe; by which we learn to love each other, and do all the good we can.

Do me the favor to publish this communication.  Not that we seek members.  Too many, alas! will seek us.  The Community I was three months associated with at Valley Forge, near Philadelphia, was overwhelmed by a rush of importunate applicants, and there was not fortitude enough to refuse them.  All that have failed have been surcharged in the commencement.

Edward P. Page

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