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Had a Most Busy Night

The Marietta Daily Times, November 1, 1907

Hallowe'en Was Celebrated By the People of the City.  Pranks and Schemes By the Hundred Carried Out.

Hallowe'en was most appropriately observed in Marietta last evening, at least every feat and prank imaginable was put through and if there were any schemes that failed to work they have not been reported.  But at that there was little destruction of property although the celebration was more lively than it has been for some years.

Some of the younger boys were able to enjoy themselves with harmless amusements, but these did not satisfy their older brothers.  The street car crews had their troubles and there were many trials for them.  Wagons and everything that could be carried or pulled were placed on the tracks.  On Putnam street early in the evening a large box was put on the track.  The West Side crew removed it, but there was always a pair of willing hands to place it back in the way before the car had passed the point.  The crew told how they felt about it in no uncertain terms but the mob did not care, in fact it was D-e-l-i-g-h-t-e-d.

Probably some of the disturbers tried to run away with an automobile that had been left standing in the same neighborhood.  On Front street a wagon was placed on the track and afterward it blockaded traffic on the sidewalk.  On Greene street a lot of lumber stopped the cars for a time.  On the West Side the track was soaped and on the way down from the Country Club the crew were horrified to find that they were running over an object that resembled a man.  But it was only an imitation.

It is reported that a gang of school boys went to the High School building and raised a racket there in the surrounding neighborhood.  One window was broken in the school structure and others nearby.  The bunch are said to have gained an entrance to the building when it was found that two of the men teachers were there to receive them.  The lights were turned on by the men who had been concealed in the building.  There is a possibility that something may result from this prank.

A number of the residents from this side of the river attempted to cross the Putnam street bridge when they were met by a worthy foe from the other side who were loaded with a basket of bricks and other missiles.  A battle resulted and the East Siders were driven back.

At Marietta College there was some disturbance at a late hour.  After midnight some of the students got the President's cow from his barn and they took her and tied her in the room where the chapel exercises of the Academy are held.  The cow remained there for several hours.  She was removed when people went to the place today.

The minute hands on the four faces of the College clock were carried away.  Considerable paint was used about the buildings as is usually the case.

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