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Washington County Postoffices

The Homes News,  March 5, 1859

There are 41 Postoffices in this county, an average of nearly two to each township.  The following is a correct list of the several Postoffices and Postmasters:

Aurelius - Albert G. Grubb
Barber - Jessie Johnson
Barlow - Lyman Laflin
Bartlett - William Crow
Belpre - E. Benedict
Beverly - John Keyhoe
Big Run - Thomas Featherston
Bonn - Walter Athey
Brown's Mills - Thomas Brackinridge
Centre Belpre - George N. Gilbert
Coal Run - Jere Wilson
Constitution - J. Harvey Deming
Decaturville - Philip Shrader
Dunbar - Shelton Dunbar
Dunham - Jasper Needham
Fillmore - Alexander McGirr
Fearing - Thomas F. Stanley
Flint's Mills - James M. Groves
Grandview - Anthony Sheets
Harmar - Chauncey T. Judd
Lawrence - William Hune
Layman - Carmi Smith
Lowell - James S. Williamson
Little Hocking - H. G. Curtis
Liberty Hill - Jacob Wharton
Lower Lawrence - William Caywood, Jr.
Lower Newport - Henry Sheets
Marietta - A. W. McCormick
Moss Run - George Casady
Newport - John Witten Gale
Olds - Joel Gilbert
Ostend - William Rea
Regnier's Mills - John Smithson
Saltpetre - William H. Kirkman
Tunnel - I. J. Vandewalker
Veto - W. H. Chevalier
Vincent - Mary J. Preston
Waterford - Charles Bowen
Watertown - Michael Ryan
Wesley - Joseph H. Gage

The following postoffices are located in villages differing in name from the office:

Centre Belpre is in Cedarville
Fearing is in Stanleyville
Flint's Mills is in Bloomfield
Layman is in Fishtown
Lower Salem is in Salem
Olds is in Cutler
Regnier's Mills is in Macksburg
Saltpetre is in Germantown

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