Thursday, March 10, 2011

Common Pleas Court

Marietta Intelligencer, March 13, 1861

This Court, which commenced its sitting on Monday, the 25th ult., adjourned last Wednesday.  The Grand Jury found only seven indictments.

The following cases have been disposed of:

State of Ohio vs. John Murphy, for assault and battery committed on his mother - fined $10 and costs.

State of Ohio vs. Stanton L. Brabham, indicted for manslaughter - verdict not guilty.

State of Ohio vs. Henry Meade, for assault and battery - fined $25 and costs.

State of Ohio vs. John Ingraham and Adam Davis, stabbing with intent to kill. Ingraham forfeited his recognizance; Adam Davis plead guilty as to assault and was fined $10 and costs.  Case continued with Ingraham.

State of Ohio vs. Harrison Smith, for horse stealing - found guilty and sentenced to the Penitentiary for three years.

State of Ohio vs. Josiah Henderson, for keeping ferry without license - nolle entered and costs thrown upon the county.

In the case of James W. Hurdle vs. George Hall, for malicious prosecution, the jury found a verdict for plaintiff for $333 damages.  Notice was given of a second trial.

Salary of the Prosecuting Attorney.  The Court fixed the salary of the Prosecuting Attorney at $450.

State of Ohio vs. William Luke, for assault with intent to commit murder.  Found guilty, and sentenced to the Penitentiary for three years.

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