Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Harvey Martina vs. Owen Hale

Marietta Intelligencer, February 27, 1861

In the case of Harvey Martina vs. Owen Hale, et al. (parties living in Warren township) for refusing to admit the plaintiff's child into the Public Schools, on the ground that she was a colored child, the Court founds a verdict on the following facts:

That Amanda Martina, the plaintiff's child was turned out of the school of which the defendants were directors, by said defendants; that the said child is of such complexion and features that among a group of white children she might not be distinguished as a colored child or of African descent; and the Court do further find that the plaintiff's said child Amanda is a child of one-fourth African or negro blood and descent; and the Court is of opinion that by reason of the child's being one-fourth negro blood and descent, she is excluded from and has no right to attend a Public School established for white children.

Judgment for defendant's costs.

Plaintiff excepts to the ruling and finding of the Court.

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