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Whitney Chapel

Marietta Intelligencer, February 6, 1861

The dedication of this new Methodist Church to the service of Almighty God, took place on Sunday, the 3d inst.  The church is located on Second St., nearly opposite the Universalist Church.  It is neatly built of brick, without cupola or tower.  Its length is 65 feet, width 44, exclusive of a vestibule 10-1/2 by 16.  The slips are of ash, varnished, and look very neat.  They are 76 in number, and will seat comfortably 400.  Crowded, the church will contain 500.  The pulpit is tasteful and neat, not gaudy.  M. H. Needham was the architect.  James Lewis had the contract for the brick and stone work, and Chapin & Bro., of Harmar, for the wood work.  They have all discharged their obligations very satisfactorily, and presented to the Second Charge a neat, well built and commodious house of worship.

It is heated by a furnace on an improved plan, furnished by Messr's. Weswell, Scott & Co., of Cincinnati.  It is so arranged, that while streams of heated air are thrown into the room at one end, streams of cold air pass out at the other end into the heater, so that there is a constant circulation of air through the room.  It is lighted with gas, the fitting for which are from the establishment of Cornelius & Baker, Phila.  The entire cost of the building and lot is $4,000.

After a very able sermon in the morning, Bishop Ames stated to the Audience that there was a debt of $1,400 on the building, which should be cancelled before it was dedicated.  He did not like to consecrate the building to the worship of God, when it was liable to be sold by the Sheriff for debt.  Under the influence of his appeal, a subscription was taken up amounting to the large sum of $1,300.  There were several subscriptions of $100 each, and quite a number of $50.  In the evening $200 more were subscribed.

The dedication sermon was preached by Rev. Dr. Sehon.  It is stated by those who heard it, to have been a powerful discourse.  The attendance was quite large and all the exercises very interesting.

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