Friday, May 13, 2011

Divorce Mill Grinds

The Daily Register, April 13, 1900

Number of New Cases of Domestic Infelicity on the Appearance Docket in Common Pleas Court.

Thursday afternoon was a busy season for Clerk Trotter in Common Pleas Court, several new cases being filed, among which were a number founded on alleged marital troubles of various kinds.

Susan Nelson seeks a divorce from her husband, Frederick Nelson, on the ground of willful absence for more than three years past, gross neglect of duty, habitual drunkenness and unfaithfulness.  Mary Moore, of Athens county, is named as co-respondent.  The couple were married in Dunham township, May 5th, 1896, and have one child aged three years.  The plaintiff asks for a decree of divorce, custody of the child and reasonable alimony.

Mary A. Milbaugh vs. Jacob Milbaugh is the title of another suit founded on alleged cruelty and neglect of duty.  The couple were married in Marietta, July 6th, 1881, and have one child nine years old.  The plaintiff alleges in her petition that the defendant cursed and threatened to strike and did strike her and ordered her to leave her home.  On April 6th, 1900, she left him and has not lived with him as his wife since that date.  She asks for custody of the child and alimony.

John W. Hill asks separation from his wife, Rosalie Hill, on the ground of willful absence for more than three years.  They were united in marriage, July 18th, 1878, in Wood county, W. Va., and have one child thirteen years of age.

The most sensational suit of the number is that entitled William McGinnis against Frank Stegg, an action for five thousand dollars alleged damages for the alienation of the affections of the plaintiff's wife.  The plaintiff charges in his petition that on January 4th, in certain hotel in this city, the defendant wickedly debauched Flora H. McGinnis, wife of the plaintiff, who has thereby suffered great distress of mind and great shame and dishonor.

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