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St. Luke's Parochial School

Marietta Gazette, June 6, 1835

First semi-annual examination of St. Luke's Parochial School,
June 1, 1835.

The following testimonials were presented.

Male Preparatory Department:
Best General Scholarship - David Loring Brown
Spelling - David Loring Brown
Reading - George Nye and George W. Todd
Writing and Geography - Joseph Crawford

Junior Class:
Best General Scholarship - Hiram McNeil Brown
Spelling - Edward Roe
Reading - Chatham R. Wheat
Writing - David Hebard
English Grammar - Irenius Geren and John Russel Crawford
Geography - David Hebbard
Arithmetic, 1st division - David Hebbard
Arithmetic, 2d division - John Hall and J. R. Crawford

Second Class:
Best General Scholarship - Joseph Wood; William Spencer Nye
Spelling - Joseph Wood and William Spencer Nye
Reading - William S. Ward
Writing - William S. Ward
English Grammar - Joseph Wood
Arithmetic, 1st division - Joseph Wood and William Spencer Nye
Arithmetic, 2d division - Henry Kelly
Geography and History - Charles Butler Hall
Latin Grammar - William Spencer Nye
French - Joseph Wood
Pencillings and India Ink Drawings - R. Lane Sullivan

Senior Class:
Special Testimonials of Excellence:
English Grammar, Arithmetic and Surveying - Isaac H. Delong; Hiram E. True
Arithmetic - E. G. Doane
Latin - George Mayberry
Geometry, Logic, Rhetoric and History - Arius Spencer Nye and Isaac H. Jones

Female Department, Junior Class:
Best General Scholarship - Susan Buell
Spelling - Susan Buell
Reading - Harriet Dunlevy
Writing - Caroline Greene
Arithmetic - Maria Woodbridge
Narrative - Julia C. H. Willard and Jane Jones

Second Class:
Best General Scholarship - Sally Maria Buell
Spelling - Sally Maria Buell
Reading - Mary Millard
Writing - Susan Dodge
Arithmetic - Sally Maria Buell
English Grammar - S. M. Buell
Map-drawing - S. M. Buell

First Class:
Special Testimonials of Excellence:
Arithmetic, Geography, Map-drawing, abstracts of History and Natural Philosophy - Harriet Holden, Anne Maria Ward, Eunice McFarland, Sarah D. Roe
French - Sarah D. Roe
Music - Ann Maria Ward

The following is a list of those to whom the highest honors were given:

Preparatory Department:
David Loring Brown; Joseph Crawford

Junior Class:
Hiram McNeil Brown; David Hebbard; J. R. Crawford; Chatham R. Wheat; Charles E. Swearingen

Second Class:
Joseph Wood; William S. Nye; William S. Ward; Charles B. Hall; A. V. Swearingen; Ira Hill; Henry Kelly; Henry Anderson; Pardon Cook

Female Department, Junior Class:
Susan Buell; Maria Woodbridge; Jane Jones

Second Class:
Sally Maria Buell; Mary Ann Reckard; Eliza Ann Reckard; Susanna Dodge; Sarah Elizabeth Cole; Mary Millard; Frances Rowena Nye

First Class:
Harriet Holden; A. M. Ward; E. McFarland; and Sarah Roe

The above testimonials were certified by:

Thomas Bell, Professor of Ancient Languages and Mathematics.
G. M. Martin, Professor of French.
Charles Sullivan, Professor of Drawing and Painting.
Mrs. Sheppard, Professor of Music.
Miss Clarke, Teacher of Female Department.
J. Thomas Wheat, Rector.
Arius Nye, E. B. Swearingen, and D. H. Buell, Committee.

Order of Exercises at the first semi-annual exhibition of St. Luke's Parochial School.

Music - Prayer - Music.
Voluntary Recitations, by the First Class.
Voluntary Recitations, by the Second Class.
Voluntary Recitations, by the Third Class.
Oration on Chivalry (original), by I. H. Jones.
Report of School Committee.
Delivery of Testimonials.
Valedictory, by I. H. DeLong.

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