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Muskingum Ferry

The Marietta Gazette, August 9, 1834

An Ordinance to regulate the Muskingum Ferry.

Be it ordained by the Mayor, Recorder, and Trustees of the Town of Marietta, in Council assembled.

Sec. 1.  That the lessee or lessees of the Muskingum Ferry shall be, and they are hereby required to keep a regular and orderly ferry, with some suitable person in attendance at all times, from sun-rise until nine o'clock at night, each and every day of the whole term of such lease granted by the Trustees of said Town, in Council assembled.

Sec. 2.  The boat or boats to be kept clean, free from water, in good order; and when the water will not admit of boats floating, a bridge of plank, at least three feet wide, for foot passengers, to be laid even, one plank butting against the other, and not to lap one over the other, shall be placed over that part of the ferry way when boats cannot float, that the passengers be not detained.

Sec. 3.  That the highest price to be paid by any citizen of the Town, for himself and family, with horses, carriage or teams, except with wood, sand, clay, brick, castings, and other heavy extra loading, shall not exceed five dollars per annum; and others in proportion to their crossing, down to the sum of one dollar and fifty cents per annum, for all citizens of the Town, who may elect to cross by the year, giving satisfactory security to the lessee or lessees to pay semi-annually.

Sec. 4.  When the lessee or lessees and the citizen cannot agree as to the sum to be paid for crossing said ferry per annum, or for extra crossing with articles excepted - the citizens may call on the Mayor, Recorder and Treasurer of the town, whose duty it shall be to fix the sum so, as aforesaid, to be paid, which shall be immediately complied with, or such citizens shall forfeit all the privileges of this ordinance.

Sec. 5.  The Muskingum ferry, aforesaid, shall be leased from time to time or terms in accordance with this ordinance, and for such term of time as the Trustees of said Town, in Council assembled, shall determine by resolution or otherwise.

Sec. 6.  For any breach of this ordinance the person or persons so liable, and so offending, shall forfeit and pay for the use of the town, on complaint to the Mayor, not less than one dollar, nor more than thirty dollars, with costs.

Sec. 7.  This ordinance to be in force from and after the fifth of August next, and all laws relative to the same heretofore passed are hereby repealed.

Nahum Ward, Mayor.
Caleb Emerson, Recorder, Pro tem.
Passed July 17, 1834.

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