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Capt. Devol's Company

The Home News, August 10, 1861

Below we print the roll of Capt. H. F. Devol's Company, 36th Reg. O.V. M. now in Camp Putnam.  It is the first full company in Camp, and a better one, in every respect, can't be found.  It is composed mostly of able bodied young men, of good habits, and good shots too - a fact which the rebels will find out whenever our boys get a crack at them.

Hiram F. Devol, Captain.
J. Gage Barker, 1st Lieutenant.
J. C. Selby, 2d Lieutenant.
John D. Anderson
James Armstrong
William H. Bishop
Henry A. Bishop
Arthur W. Barker
J. H. Barker
William Barnhart
Albert Burris
John Burris
Lewis Burris
Ben Bragg
Wilson Bell
James Bosman
B. F. Clay
Ralph Crooks
Allen Closs
John Crawford
O. J. DeWolf
E. H. DeWolf
Andrew Davis
Edmond Davis
Hildreth Davis
J. L. Davis
Frederick Davis
Harris Devol
Stephen C. Devol
C. H. Devol
S. M. Devol
Silas A. Devol
Joseph Dyar
D. W. Fouraker
Levi Fouraker
James Fish
James D. Grubb
Goodsell B. Grubb
William L. Gould
James D. Glidden
W. W. Harwood
William Hill
T. Hayt
Edward Hawley
Robert Israel
Thomas P. Jackson
William K. Johnson
Henry Kremer
George W. Kerns
James B. Laughery
John P. Laughery
Salathiel Ladd
Isaac Lucas
George Long
H. O. McClure
D. B. McClure
John Mason
Horatio W. Mason
George W. Mason
William Morrison
Francis McAtee
William Marshall
Moses Monette
Lewis Murdock
Elijah McKendree
Martin Miller
Perley Nott
Benjamin Nott
Zebulon Nixon
Robert Nesselrode
Perley Nesselrode
J. B. Oliver
Oscar Owens
Joseph Ormiston
Hardison Parsons
George W. Putnam
James L. Palmer
Isaac L. Palmer
David Palmer
Lyman D. Perrin
Charles W. Perkins
William Ross
Ezekiel Roberts
John C. Rigg
Hiram Ripley
John Smith
John Samons
Courtland Shepard
Frank Stewart
Arius F. Stacy
M. A. Stacy
J. E. Stacy
W. H. Scott
William Scott
Joseph Scofield
Albert Shaffer
James W. Swords
S. S. Stowe
O. H. Simons
Richard Samons
William Tullis
William L. True
Jere Unger
M. H. Vincent
O. J. Wood
G. A. Wood
Jacob Wooster
Ely Wilson
Amos Wilson
Stephen Winright
Royal R. Wright

Total: 108

We believe the above does not include all who have signed the muster roll of this company.  If there are any whose hearts are faint, let them "back down" at once, and not wait until they have marched to the battle field, and then disorganizing their companies, in the hour of conflict by their own cowardice, as is too often the case.

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Tom said...

Very interesting- My fourth great grandfather, Luther Arbour, was a member of the 36th OVI, but his name does not appear on this list. Perhaps he joined at a later date- I'll have to check my records to see if I have date when he officially mustered in.