Saturday, October 15, 2011

Little Out of the Ordinary Done On Hallowe'en

The Marietta Daily Times, November 1, 1904

As far as the destruction of property was concerned, Hallowe'en in this city was celebrated in a modest manner, there being few signs today of any serious acts committed by the revelers which are usually performed by the younger boys.  The misplacing of various effects about the yards and streets was, of course, expected and the property owner who failed to prepare are therefore searching everywhere for wheelbarrows, chairs, carriages, etc., which are apt to be found most any place within or without the city limits today.

Things were very quiet about the College and High School and no rushes occurred.  Early in the evening the Freshman class of the High School was hotly pursued by the Sophomores, but the former lads were too fleet for their enemies and an engagement failed to occur.

As usual corn and beans were the ammunition used by the children, which were either thrown from a shooter or tossed with the hand.

One prank of the small boys was the breaking of an old piece of glass directly under some one's large plate window.  Thinking damage had been done their homes, residents would run out only to find it a joke of the boys.

Members of the police force were stationed at various points in the city to keep down trouble.

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