Friday, March 30, 2012

Land & Houses For Sale

Western Spectator, May 2,1812

For Sale, by private contract, a commodious Brick House, containing 3 rooms on a floor, with a good kitchen & cellar, & a good Lot for a garden, with a stone house & a stable thereon; situated on the bank of the Ohio, in Marietta & now occupied by Dr. Thomas Jett, who will shew the same.  Sold as the property of Richard Holt, to satisfy the claims against the estate of John Holt, late of Marietta.

For particulars enquire of John Brough, who will treat for the sale of the same.

N.B.  All indebted to the said Richard Holt , are requested to make immediate payment, or their notes or accounts will be put in suit by me,

John Brough,

who am authorised to receive the same.

Marietta, April 29, 1812.

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