Friday, March 23, 2012

Take Notice

Western Spectator, October 19, 1811  
     All persons are hereby cautioned and forewarned against trusting or harbouring my wife Mary, on my account as I will not pay any debt of her contracting after this date.
James Gates.
Marietta, Sept. 28, 1811.

Western Spectator, October 27, 1811
     Notice, is hereby given, that a Petition will be presented to the next Legislature of the State of Ohio, praying for the passage of an act, to dissolve the bounds of matrimony between James Gates and Mary his wife.
Nathaniel Gates, Attorney for Petitioner.
Marietta, Oct. 18, 1811.

Ohio Gazette, November 11, 1811
     Whereas James Gates has in a silly and childish manner run away from his wife, and ridiculously advertised that he intends petitioning the legislature for the passage of an act to dissolve the bonds of matrimony between them; it may be proper to inform the public that he has been induced to these steps through the persuasions of his proud, ignorant brother, the fifer - some times known by the name of lackey to B--'s brigadier general, and by his other brother, well known as formerly constable of this town, and retailer of nonsense, &c - and that it is intended to oppose the passage of the law which he advertises he will petition for, as he has left his wife without any just cause or provocation, and she is still willing to live with him and take care of him if he will behave better, and forsake the advise of his poor, ignorant, proud, & conceited brothers and their agents.
John Harrison.
Marietta. October 28, 1811.

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