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Fair Premiums

American Friend, & Marietta Gazette, January 24, 1829

Having been requested at a recent meeting of the board of Directors to prepare the minutes of the annual meeting and Fair of the Agricultural Society of Washington County the following summary, abridged from the reports of the various Committees, is respectfully submitted.

John Brown.

The premiums on horses were awarded as follows:

For the best Stud horse, owned
by F. Devol, $5.00
2d, Jonathan Ross, 3.00
3d, Rufus Payne, 2.00

Best Brood mare, Joseph O'Neal, 3.00
2d, William McAtee, 2.00

Best two year old colt, William McAtee, 2.50

Best yearling colt, Moses McFarland, 2.00

Best sucking spring colt, Thomas Seeley, 1.50
2d, William McAtee, 1.00

Best Bull, Jonathan Hoff, 3.00

Best yearling bull, William R. Putnam, 2.00

Best bull calf, William R. Putnam, 1.50

Best milch cow, Joseph Barker, Jr., 3.00
2d, Luther G. Bingham, 2.00
3d, James Forguson, 1.00

Best heifer calf, Luther G. Bingham, 1.00

Best yoke of two years old steers well broke, William P. Putnam, 2.00
2d best, Mr. Hoff, 1.00

Best beef animal (Reared by G. Dana, Esq.), C. C. Robinson, 2.00
2d best, Joseph Barker, Jr., 1.00

Best merino buck, Benjamin Dana, 3.00
2d, Lewis P. Putnam, 2.00
3d, Lewis P. Putnam, 1.00

Best pair of merino ewes, Lewis P. Putnam, 3.00
2d, Lewis P. Putnam, 2.00
3d, Benjamin Dana, 1.00

Best merino lambs five in number, Lewis P. Putnam, 2.00
2d, Luther G. Bingham, 1.00

Best Sow, Stephen Hildreth, 2.00

Best fat hog not over two years old, James Forguson, 3.00
2d, Ebenezer Gates, 2.00

Best piece of fulled cloth, 3 qr. wide not less than five yards, Mrs. Betsey Putnam, 2.00
2d, Miss Mary Lewis, 1.00

Best piece of red flannel, Miss Harriet Brown, 2.00
2d, Mrs. Betsey Putnam, 1.00

Best piece of white flannel, Miss Harriet Brown, 2.00
2d, Mrs. Betsey Putnam, 1.00

Best piece of linen, Mrs. Rachel Clark, 2.00
2d, Mrs. Eliza W. Lawton, 1.00

Best piece of table linen, Mrs. Sally Dana, 2.00
2d, Mrs. Sally Dana, 1.00

Best piece of diaper, Mrs. Lydia G. Palmer, 2.00
2d, Mrs. Rachel Clark, 1.00

Best piece of carpeting, Mrs. Susan B. Cotton, 3.00
2d, Mrs. Lucy M. Mayberry, 2.00
3d, Miss Mary Greene, 1.00

Best piece of stair carpeting, Miss Sarah Whitney, 1.00
2d, Miss Mary Greene, .50

Best hearth rug, Miss Mary Gates, 1.00

Best pair of blankets, Mrs. D. S. Mills, 1.00
2d, Mrs. D. S. Mills, .50

Best piece of plaid, Mrs. Emily Fairchilds, 1.00
2d, Miss Susan E. Manson, .50

Best pair of thread stockings, Mrs. Sarah Bingham, .50

Best pair of woolen stockings, Mrs. Sarah Bingham, .50

Best piece of cotton and wool for mens' wear, P. Morris, 2.00
2d, Mrs. Betsey D. Anderson, 1.00

Best bonnet in imitation of leghorn, Miss Sarah A. Lund, 3.00

Best straw bonnet, Miss Mary Harris, 2.00
2d, Miss Mary Hildreth, 1.00
3d, Miss Nancy A. Lund, .50

Best piece of soal leather, Ichabod Nye, 2.00
2d, John Crawford, 1.00

Best two sides of upper leather, John Crawford, 2.00
2d, Ichabod Nye, 1.00

Best half dozen calf skins, John Crawford, 1.00
2d, Otis Wheeler, .50

Best fur hat, James Dun, 1.00

Best wool hat, James Dun, .50

Best cheese, Nancy Fuller, 3.00
2d, Rotheus Hayward, 2.00
3d, Mrs. Smithson, 1.00

Best butter, Mrs. Smithson, 2.00
2d, J. Portor, 1.00
3d, Mrs. C. Greene, .50

Best maple sugar, first and second, Benjamin Dana, 3.00

Best pearl ash, Miss Otis, 1.00

Best wine made in 1827, J. C. Cole, 2.00

Best axe, Zadoc Cory, 1.00

Best dung fork, A. Warner, .50

Best pitch fork, A. Warner, .50

Greatest quantity of wheat, upland, William P. Putnam, 4.00
2d, Joseph O'Neal, 2.00

Greatest quantity of corn, bottom land 117 bushels per acre raised by Ira Hill of Newport, 4.00

Greatest quantity of corn, upland, about one hundred bushels per acre, grown by E. Deming, Watertown, 4.00
2d, 67-3/4 bushels of small yellow corn, by James Lawton, Jr., Barlow, 2.00

Greatest quantity of flax, James Lawton, Jr., 3.00

Greatest quantity of white beans 18 bush per half acre, James Lawton, Jr., 2.00
2d, Charles Fuller, 1.00

Greatest number of wolves killed in the County, 15 young ones, James Handlin, 5.00
2d, Levi Allen and James Willis, 4 wolves each, each 3.00

Plough match - First premium awarded to John Henry for ploughing 1/4 of an acre in 30 minutes in the neatest manner, 4.00
2d, to Stephen Hildreth for ploughing 1/4 of an acre in 31 minutes, also well done, 2.00

Best coverlet, Miss Lucretia Allen, 1.00
2d, Mrs. Mary B. Fearing, .50

The following articles were examined and premiums awarded by the committee of the contingent funds.

Russian or naked barley 8 qrts in bags, .50

Time piece, D. B. Anderson, 1.00

Hearth rug ornamented, Mrs. Putnam, .25
2d, Mrs. Thacher, .25

Sample of willow basket ingeniously made, .25

1 Flowered Coverlet, .50

Kentucky jean and vesting, Mrs. Susan B. Cotton, 1.00
ditto, Miss Roana Fulcher, .75

1 Cotton bed quilt, Mary Cook, .50

1 Cotton counterpane, .75
ditto, Mrs. Sally Greene, .50

One pair of twilled rose blankets, Betsey Putnam, 1.00

1 Fancy handkerchief embroydered and one piece of wide inserting, Miss Eunice Allen, .25

One pair of knit over shoes or socks, Mary Cook, 12-1/2

One stock of cherry boards and one barrel of Apple brandy, Mr. Chambers, .50

One pair of yearling steers, John Hook, 1.00

One set of measures, Mr. Dutton, .50

Sweet apple molasses, Mrs. J. Smith, .50

One pair of socks, B. Dana, .25

Some interesting specimens of squashes, beets, carrots, parsnips and of the egg plant were also observed.
The fair was on the 16th and 17th of October; the weather pleasant.  The number of people present large.  The first day was spent in receiving and examining articles, entered for the Show.  The Society transacted its business on the second.  A procession was formed, which proceeded to the Congregational meeting house, where an appropriate address was delivered by Arius Nye, Esq. to a large and attentive audience.  After which, the procession returned to the Court house, where the above premiums were awarded.  An excellent dinner was then spread for those who wished to partake.  The exhibition of the articles, entered for the show, was going on most of the day. Those of domestic manufacture, were of superior workmanship.  The ladies did themselves much honor in the skill and industry, so observable in the truly pleasing variety, which they added to the show.  Some articles of female industry, which were through the hurry of business overlooked by the committee of the contingent funds, and for which no premiums were offered in the general list, past unobserved; among which were several pieces of ingeniously wrought lace.  It is to be regretted, that the number of animals, entered for the Show, was very small; neat stock in particular.

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