Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Information Wanted

American Friend, & Marietta Gazette, November 8, 1828

In October 1826, I published a notice requesting information of a son of mine named ABRAHAM SHIMER who had been bound an apprentice to the Stone Cutting business, in Cadiz, Ohio, and who had left his master on account of severe treatment, as was supposed.  As I have not yet heard any certain intelligence of him, I now renew my request to the public, and earnestly solicit any person or persons who may have a knowledge of him, to give me information thereof, and confer a favor on an anxious parent, and perhaps save a youth from ruin.  He is supposed to have gone down the Ohio river.
He is now aged about 18 years - he need not be afraid to return, as his master has no further power over him.  Address letters to Cadiz, Ohio.

James Shimer.
October 18, 1828.

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