Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Oak Grove To Be Improved

The Daily Register-Leader, September 15, 1906:

Grading of Hill as Planned By Service Board will Enhance Not Destroy Beauty.

The idea of cutting down the top of the hill in Oak Grove Cemetery has been protested against by a few people on the grounds that the grading down of the hill would mean the destruction of some of the large oak trees which crown the hill, and from which the beautiful grounds were given their names.

In speaking of this matter this morning one of the members of the Board of Service stated that it was not the purpose of the board to destroy the beauty of the place, but rather to enhance it.  The part which would be leveled is merely a knob with a few scraggy oaks on top.  It is the intention of the board to level up a good portion of this, put in a drinking fountain, flower beds, plant new trees, make gravel walks and roads leading to the place, and put in seats so that it can be enjoyed.

It is believed that when the people of the city understand the intentions of the board in this matter they will readily endorse the proposition.  The extra dirt which would be taken away in making the cut, can be used for fills in various parts of the city and the expense of this necessary improvement be greatly lessened.

The Marietta Daily Times, September 17, 1906:

Is it possible that any one would entertain for a moment the thought of defacing the natural mound in Oak Grove cemetery by taking off the beautiful, round, symmetrical top?  Ten feet would bring them to solid rock.  Some years ago the well rounded proportions of the mound in the back were destroyed by a few loads of soil being taken out.  By whom or for what I have been unable to learn.  Why not restore this, instead of taking more?  Will the writer in Saturday's Register-Leader go and see the so-called "scraggy oaks."  He will find them to be handsome, thrifty white oaks, that have been growing as long as has this city.  Too many century old trees have been destroyed.

Look at the nakedness of the "Indian Mound" in Mound cemetery which only a few years ago was robbed of the few remaining garments that clothed it.  The most beautiful views that we send out on our souvenir postal cards are the ones that were taken years ago, when that mound was covered with fine, old trees.

And now must the old oaks in Oak Grove cemetery go?  With the symmetry of this most beautiful mound, placed by nature in our "City of the dead," can we without protest allow it to be made a place of resort with drinking fountains and benches.  The benches in the front part of the cemetery have been removed within the last year to prevent loitering.

As you enter the ground you see this grand old hill looming up before you, with its natural rounded top.  A monument itself, excelling all others in Oak Grove, and one which we as citizens should be mutually interested to protect.  Can man improve the handiwork of the Creator?  At the height of two hundred feet, with its fine view, the only high point in the corporation, the grand old forest trees.  Let us preserve it intact as it was given to us.

A Citizen.


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