Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Sidewalks of Marietta

Marietta Intelligencer, December 13, 1853

Side-Walks are generally understood to be laid down for the accommodation of the pedestrian public; but, in Marietta, many of them are used to pile coal, wood, salt-barrels, grindstones, and diverse other articles upon, as also for pork-packing, marketing, coopering, and various other employments.

At the rate of "progress" that has been making for a few months past, it will not be long until the walks will be entirely appropriated to private use, and the public, deprived of any rights thereupon, be driven into the gutters or the middle of the streets.  We think, however, that the public are so badly crowded upon that by and by a reaction will take place, and the people will insist that not a single inch of the side-walk shall be occupied by dry goods, or dry goods boxes, groceries, hardware, provisions, or any other obstruction.

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