Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Pleasant Resort

The Marietta Register, April 30, 1886

The beautiful and historic spot, Blennerhassett Island, will be made into a pleasure resort this summer.  Walks and roadways are being opened up, seats provided throughout the grove, a commodious platform and lunch tables for picnic and basket parties are being built, rope swings have been put up for children, and other amusements for the older folks.  An ample supply of pure, cold water is always to be found at the famous Blennerhassett well.  Those who desire to spend a day pleasantly and profitably with their families and friends cannot do better than to go to Blennerhassett Island.  Ten cents will be charged each person for the privilege of the grounds and its accommodations.  The grounds will not be opened until the first of May.  Dancing parties must provide their own music.  Refreshments will be found on the grounds.  Take your family and friends to see this historic spot.

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