Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Portrait Painting

Marietta Register, February 3, 1870

This fine art is now carried to great perfection in Marietta; though it seems strange that our citizens should not be aware of it, or, knowing it, do not avail themselves of the opportunity presented of securing perfect pictures of themselves and friends.  Recently we dropped into the studio of the artist, Mr. Brewer, over Pearce & Triem's Drug Store, and were delighted with the familiar faces we there recognized on canvass - faces that look ready to walk out of the canvass with a "How do you do?" greeting.

Among others, we recognized portraits of Col. John Mills, President I. W. Andrews, N. Fawcett, W. C. Hood, Wylie Oldham, and W. F. Curtis.  Mr. Brewer also has some beautiful fruit pictures, painted in oil, and so natural that all can recognize in them premiums of their kind.  Mr. Brewer designs leaving Marietta when warm weather sets in; therefore all who would take advantage of his skill must do so soon.


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