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Improvements in Marietta

The Marietta Intelligencer, June 7, 1859

We have obtained, at some time and trouble, the following list of the buildings now in process of erection, and those that are undergoing extensive repairs, in the city.

Bosworth, Wells & Co.  Three story brick, with iron front, 43 ft. on Front St. by 100 on Monroe Street.  Hardware and Dry Goods Store.  J. T. Hart, contractor for the stone work; James Lewis, contractor for the brick work; D. R. Sniffen for joiner work, and Putnam, Poole & Co. for iron work.  To be completed early in the fall.

C. & S. Shipman & Co.  Three story brick,with iron front.  37 ft. by 82.  Greene St., on site of old building.  Dry Goods Store.  N. S. Alcock, contractor for stone work; J. and C. Jones for brick work, and Owen Franks for iron work.  To be finished next fall.

James Holden.  Three story brick with iron front.  40 ft. front by 80 deep.  On site of Bosworth, Wells & Co.'s old store.  For rent.  J. T. Hart, contractor for stone work; other contracts no yet made.

T. F. Hall.  Two story frame.  20 by 32.  On Front St., next to W. F. Curtis' dwelling house.  Benjamin Snider, builder.  Lower story, office for owner, and upper story rented to Davis & Smith for shoe shop.  Nearly completed.

George Scherer.  Two story frame, with brick basement; 26 by 50 ft.; Greene St., between Front and Second street.  Said to be for a Market House.  Will be finished in a few weeks.

Luther Temple.  Frame cottage; 24 by 35, with two wings, each 13 by 19.  Second street between Scammel and Wooster.

Bank of Marietta.  Undergoing repairs to amount of $1000.  D. R. Sniffen, carpenter; J. Jones, mason.

Stephen Newton.  Two story brick dwelling; 44 feet front by 35 deep.  Fourth St., nearly in front of College Chapel.  Milton Hovey builder.

William Styer.  Two story brick, 28 by 32; corner Sixth and Putnam sts.  William Styer, builder.

Fred Petre.  Frame cottage; Fourth St., between Washington and Sacra Via.

Nicholas Cline.  Additions and improvements on house to the amount of $400.  Third St., between Scammel and Wooster.

Pres. I. W. Andrews.  Fourth Street, corner of Putnam.  Undergoing changes and repairs to the amount of $500.

J. C. Fell.  Tannery.  William Vinton's old tannery to be moved across the river and made over new, with considerable enlargements.

W. F. Curtis.  Brick dwelling house, two stories; 74 feet front by 33 deep.  M. H. Needham, carpenter; T. F. Westgate, brick mason.  Outside of corporation, on College Hill.

Catholic Parsonage.  Brick, 2 stories and basement; 42 by 20, on Fourth St., rear of Catholic Church.  William Moore and ____ Weaver, contractors for stone and brick work, W. W. McCoy for wood work.

J. M. Booth, H. Booth, and G. S. Jones.  Three story brick store, with iron front; 37 ft. front on Greene Street, by 82 deep; on site of S. Slocomb & Co.'s old store.  To be built in connection with C. & S. Shipman's store.

The above does not show all the improvements on this side of the river.  Several buildings have already been completed this spring, and many more have been repaired and enlarged.  Our mechanics are all engaged, teamsters all employed, and day laborers have as much work as they can do.


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