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Improvements in Harmar

The Marietta Intelligencer, June 1, 1859

The following, as near as we can ascertain, is a statement of the improvements which are making upon the other side of the Muskingum, this season.  Their number is greater than we supposed, even exceeding that of improvements in Marietta; though they are not quite so extensive.

Douglas Putnam.  Large stone dwelling at the end of Putnam St., on the side of Harmar hill.  The main building is two stories high, and 80 feet front by 68 ft deep; the observatory four stories high, and 15 ft. square, commanding an extensive and beautiful prospect; and the office and library two stories high, 30 ft. by 19.  There is a brick building in the rear for a wash-room and store-room, two stories high, 32 ft. by 28; and a fine two-story frame building at the side, for a stable 28 ft. by 36.  John Slocomb is the architect and master builder, Nelson Alcock was superintendent of the stone work, Joseph Jones of the brick work, and Henry Miller, plasterer.  The building will be completed by fall.

Levi Barber.  Two story frame dwelling, just finished, on Franklin St.  There are two parts to the building - one 30 ft. by 16, and the 15 by 24.  William McCoy builder.

Thomas Turner.  Frame cottage, with stone foundation, 34 ft. by 36, on ____ St.  William McCoy is contractor for the frame work, and Samuel Cox for the stone work.

E. Locker.  Two story frame dwelling, 36 ft. by 24 - on Main St., between Putnam and Lancaster. The work on the building is done by the day, there being no contractor.

G. W. Sharp.  Frame dwelling on Franklin St.  There are two parts to the building - one two stories high, the other, a story and a half, together measuring 36 ft. by 22.  J. S. Sharp builder.

N. Cordry.  Frame dwelling, of the same size and location.  E. S. Morton builder.

David Putnam.  Two story frame dwelling, 14 ft. by 28, with kitchen in the rear, 12 ft. by 14 - on Clinton St.  William McCoy builder.

William McCoy.  Two story frame, 20 ft. by 40 on Franklin St. - to be used for the present as carpenter shop, for the owner.

Putnam, Pool & Co.  Two story frame, 32 ft. by 80,in the rear of their establishment, to be used as a ware house and stable by the manufacturing company.  The work on the building is done by the day.

Chapin & Bro.  Addition to their sawmill, on Ohio St., of two stories, 21 ft. by 73.  The old part is to be raised 6 feet.

Isaac Spaulding is altering a ware-house on Ohio St., into a fine dwelling house, 45 ft. by 20, and improving his former dwelling.

John Bartlett.  Addition to house on Ohio St., on one side, one story, 32 ft. by 10 - on the end, two stories, 16 ft. square.

Gardner Hall.  Two story frame dwelling, 24 ft by 18, on Franklin st.  George Locker builder.

S. N. Cox.  Frame cottage, 16 ft. by 24, on Franklin St.  William McCoy carpenter.

Josiah T. Hart.  Two story frame dwelling, 16 ft. by 24, in McCoy's addition to Harmar.  William McCoy builder.

Gilbert Wood.  Frame cottage, 16 ft. by 24, on Wood st.  William McCoy builder.


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