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Record of Deaths in Washington County for the Year 1873

The Marietta Register, January 8, 1874

At Knoxville, Tennessee, January 7, 1873, Mrs. Charlotte Nicholson, daughter of Col. A. Stone, of Harmar, aged 40.

In Marietta, January 12, Rezon Willis, aged about 68.

In Harmar, January 13, George V. Pattin. 

In Harmar, January 14, Mrs. Caroline Marshall, aged 40. 

In Toledo, January 12, Miss Augusta F. Tenney, formerly of this place.

In Muskingum township, January 18, Freeman Davis, in his 78th year.

In Scioto county, January 16, A. B. Murphy, an old resident of this county.

In Watertown, January 23, Mrs. S. Winn, in her 69th year.

In Watertown, January 31, Mrs. Catherine Remley, aged 60.

In Marietta, February 4, Benjamin F. Stone, aged 91.

In Marietta, February 15th, Mrs. Seneith Hildebrand, wife of the late Col. Hildebrand, aged 69.

In Washington City, February 16, Col. D. L. Eaton, brother-in-law of Prof. G. R. Rosseter.

At Flint's Mills, February 18, George W. Harvey, aged 45.

In Harmar, February 21, Mrs. Matilda F. Clarke, aged 73.

In St. Cloud, Minnesota, February 25, Major William G. Bloomfield, formerly of Marietta.

In Harmar, March 1, Mrs. Daniel P. Bosworth, aged 43.

In Marietta, March 12, Dudley W. Racer, aged 47.

In Marietta, March 13, John Theis, aged 48.

In Marietta, March 15, Mrs. Susan H. McIntosh, aged 87.  Mrs. M. was born in Massachusetts and resided in Marietta over 50 years.

In Marietta, March 21, Mr. Henry Opp, aged 62.

In Marietta, March 21, Elmira McAlister, wife of William Greenhill.

Near Chillicothe, March 27, James B. Marsh, aged 52.  He left Salem, this county, seven years before.

At Newport, March 27, Henry O. Little, aged 77. 

In Marietta, March 30, Mrs. Cordelia M. McKellar.

In Harmar, March 30, Mr. Arnold Winchester, aged 77.

In Marietta, April 2, Deacon Dennis Adams, aged 81.

In Marietta, April 7, R. H. Rood, aged 55.  His death was after a brief illness.

In Marietta, April 8, Mr. James Dunn, aged 81, came to Marietta first in 1812.

April 8, in Barlow township, Mrs. Abigail Richards, aged 91.

April 16, near Plymouth, Wilson Graham, aged 46.

April 24, William Gray, aged 78, Waterford, of paralysis.

April 27, in Marietta, Mrs. Rosanna Hall, wife of Joseph E. Hall, Sen., aged 69.

May 3, Mrs. Emily L. Hamilton, wife of Rev. L. L. H. Hamilton, of Boston, Mass.

May 4, in Belpre, A. H. Browning, aged 46.

May 7, in Marietta, Mrs. Sarah Talbot Stevens, wife of James Stevens.

May 19, in Barlow township, Alexander Gordon, aged 55.

May 23, in Marietta, Major George Clymer McCall, aged 78, a grandson of George Clymer, who signed the Declaration of Independence.

June 6, in Watertown, Conrad Bohl, aged 82.

June 13, in Harmar, of erysipelas, L. H. Jennings, aged 48.

June 23, in Barlow township, Mr. H. E. Vincent, aged 71.

July 7, in Marietta, of consumption, Edgar P. Pearce, aged 33.

July 11, in Marietta township, of apoplexy, Franklin Wells, aged 74.

July 11, in Harmar, of congestion of the liver, Mr. Isaiah Scott, aged 57.

July 26, in Waterford township, Mrs. Silence Devol, relict of Stephen Devol, aged 78.

July 30, at Butler, Bates county, Missouri, of consumption, Rev. Edwin W. P. Wyatt, aged 33.

August 6, in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Sophia Browning Clarke (widow of Col. Melvin Clarke, 36th O.V.I.), aged 37.

August 7, at Guyandotte, W. Va., P. S. Smith, aged 77; born near Marietta; and when he died, the oldest citizen of Guyandotte.

August 15, in Harmar, Joseph S. Morris, aged 56.

August 16, in Marietta, James Davis, a native of England, aged 75.

August 16, in Marietta, Mrs. Mahala Pixley, aged 68.

September 6, in Barlow, Mrs. Betsy Tompkins, aged 84.

September 14, near Watertown, of typhoid fever, Mrs. Mary Ann Ryan, wife of Michael Ryan, aged 34.

September 27, in Marietta, Mrs. Mary Hicks, aged 73.

September 29, on Mile Run, of dropsy, Samuel Sprague, aged 78.

In Elk River, Minnesota, September 29, Mr. Ezekiel Dye, aged 91.  He had been a resident of Marietta 72 years of his life.

October 2, in Harmar, of consumption, Miss Jenny Hartson, aged 25.

October 8, in Marietta, Mrs. M. Johnson, wife of Willis H. Johnson.

October 12, in Warren township, of heart disease, Amos Wilson, aged 27.

At Maple Grove, Michigan, October 21, Mrs. Eliza J. Aikman, a former resident of Marietta, aged 56 years.

October 25, Mrs. H. L. Follett, wife of M. D. Follett, aged 41.

October 26, Miss Elizabeth Chambers, aged 26.

October 28, of consumption, George J. Bishop, son of N. F. Bishop, aged 21.

November 4, in Dunham, Miller Clarke, aged 77.

November 7, in Meigs county, Melzar Nye, Sen., aged 88.  Was in early life a resident of Washington county.

At the County Infirmary, November 7, Peter Keith, aged 70 years.

Near Lowell, November 18, Elizabeth Field, wife of Mr. H. Field.

In Harmar, November 19, Mr. William Roush, in his 40th year.

In Marietta, November 20, Mr. Dunlap Atkinson, in his 70th year.

In Warren, November 23, Mrs. Sarah Jane Miller, aged 35 years.

In Marietta township, November 24, Mr. Carlton Palmer, aged 72.

In Lawrence, November 24, Mr. Edward Collier Nye, in his 31st year.

In Marietta November 28, Mrs. Irena Benedict, in the 92d year of her age.

In Marietta, November 28, Mr. George Lewis Barnhart, aged 86 years.

In Lowell, Ohio, after a lingering illness, Mrs. Alice Fleck, wife of Jacob Fleck, and daughter of Darius Rummer.

December 3, Louisa Woodward, daughter of E. and S. H. Woodward, aged 18 years.

In Waterford, December 9, Samuel Morgan, formerly of Morgan county.

In Marietta, December 12, Mrs. Catharine Peters Smith, aged 50 years.

In Decatur, December 16, David A. Newell, aged 24.

In Muskingum, December 24, Isaac Foster, aged 55 years.

In Marietta, December 27, Mrs. Mary Crickard, aged 28 years.

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