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Girls Monday Club to Have Fine building

Marietta Daily Times, May 3, 1921

Memorial Will Honor Mrs. Mills.

Plans which he has developed for perpetuating the memory of Mrs. Mills, who was the founder and first president of the Girls Monday Club, were made known by William W. Mills at a meeting of the board of directors of the organization Monday afternoon.

This memorial will probably take the form of a group-building which will include a gymnasium, dormitory and cafeteria and of which the present building will be a wing.  The location of the Girls Monday Club is one of the most prominent in the city, and the lot is 91 by 135 feet.  The proposed building will be a handsome, fire-proof structure, complete in every detail, and occupying the entire Putnam street frontage.  The main entrance will be on Putnam Street.  It will be one of the finest buildings in Marietta, and will be a fitting memorial to the woman whose beautiful life has inspired the gift.  Mr. Donald P. Hart of New York is the architect.

In offering this wonderful gift, Mr. Mills emphasized to the board the great responsibility involved in undertaking the direction and maintenance of such an institution.  He suggested that the remainder of this year be devoted to perfecting the designs for the building and developing further plans for enlarging the usefulness of the club, and expressed the hope that the actual work of construction might be undertaken early in the spring of 1922.

The members of the board were overcome by the magnitude of the proffered gift.  They fully realize what an impetus will be given to their work by such a club house for the girls of Marietta.  They also realize that it will play an important part in the life of the community, and they hope that the interest shown by the people of the city will be sufficient to warrant their acceptance of the trust and responsibility which that acceptance entails.

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