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Methodism in Newport, Washington County

Marietta Register, March 10, 1870

The preaching by Methodist Ministers in this township was in dwelling houses and school houses until the year 1829, when a small, comfortable frame house was built, and deeded to the M. E. Church.

There is no church record to be found reaching beyond the dedication of this church edifice, but some of the old members recollected distinctly the ministrations of Revs. James Quinn, David Young, David Smithers, T. A. Morris (now Bishop), A. McElroy, Abraham Lippel, ____ Reynolds, Andrew Coleman, D. C. Merriman, P. M. McGown. 

In 1829, the house of worship was formally dedicated by Rev. R. F. Naylor; Philip Darby was his colleague.  Most of the years following, two ministers were sent annually to labor in this field, it being a circuit with other appointments connected thereto.  The following list is as nearly correct as can now be furnished, it being copied from the record kept in the Church Bible.

1830, John Johnson, Moses Tichenell.
1831, John Johnson, Nathaniel Little.
1832, R. Armstrong, H. Bradshaw.
(During this year, C. D. Battelle of Newport, was licensed to preach; recommended, and received on trial in the Pittsburgh Conference.)
1833, C. D. Battelle, George Smith.
1834, J. W. Minor, James C. Merriman.
1835, W. Athey, H. Tuttle.
1836, Pardon Cook, J. H. White.
1837, Pardon Cook, S. Jones.
1838, L. Petty.
1839, I. Archbold.
1840, I. Archbold.
1841, No record.
1842, John Hase, J. Adams.
1843, W. C. P. Hamilton.
1844, Philip Green, W. Cooper.
1845, Philip Green, J. D. Rich.
1846, R. Stevenson, T. F. Higgins.
1847, R. Stevenson, J. H. Sweany.
1848, J. Henderson.
1849, W. Athey.
1850-1851, J. W. Shirer.
1852, J. Phillips.
1853, No record.
1854, J. Phillips, J. Bailey.
1855, S. Lewis, J. Hollister.
1856, S. Lewis, A. Bell.
1857, Pardon Cook, E. Ellison.
1858, E. Ellison, A. Bell.
1859, A. Bell, C. H. Edwards.
1860, A. Huston, W. B. Edwards.
1861, A. Huston, H. Long.
1862-1863, J. Z. Morse.
1864-1865, J. H. White.
1866-1867, J. W. Hamilton.
1868-1869, D. C. Knowles.

Four native born sons of Newport became Methodist preachers.  Two of them now sleep in the graveyard near which they were raised.  Five members of this church became preachers wives.  Four of them are now in their tombs.

Of the fifty-six ministers named here, sixteen have passed away from earth.  This embraces a history of about fifty years.  Many precious revivals have been enjoyed in what is now called the frame church.  Rev. L. G. Bingham, aided by Methodist and Baptist ministers, held a very successful Union protracted meeting in that church, March, 1833.  Many were added to the different churches interested in the meeting.

Of the 38 members of the church in that place when the house was dedicated, nine are still living, though but two of them are in Newport.  That aged couple, Ebenezer Battelle and his wife Mary, hold an honorable membership here.

A brick church, a very fine edifice for the place, was built in 1869, and dedicated in the fall of that year.  May "the glory of this latter house" greatly exceed "the former."

C. D. B.

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