Monday, December 27, 2010

Carver Divorce Hearing Ended

The Marietta Daily Times, December 13, 1922

In accordance with the usual procedure, Judge Thomas has withheld his decision in the Carver divorce case, which was tried in common pleas court this week, and it is expected that at least thirty days will elapse before the matter finally is passed upon.  Judging from the remarks made by Judge Thomas at the conclusion of the hearing, it is doubtful if a decree will be forthcoming.

The Carvers, Adonis and Margaret, according to their own stories, have had a stormy career during their married life.  The wife accused the husband of cursing her and beating her and the husband admitted the truth of the charge, but declared that he received similar treatment from the wife.  "When she cussed me, I cussed her, and she slapped and struck me as often as I did her," the husband told Judge Thomas during progress of the trial, then he related numerous instances of this sort.  He declared that his wife would get angry at him if he refused to humor her demands and would follow his motor truck through the streets screaming and crying until he would "crouch down in his clothes from shame."  He said he just couldn't help swearing, as it came naturally to him.

"She got my goat once when she said my father and mother were damned liars, and then, Judge, I hit her," the husband declared, adding that he could not stand for such a thing.  "I guess it was about fifty-fifty as far as rough treatment was concerned," Carver stated in court, and Judge Thomas indicated that that was about the way he viewed the matter.  He made it plain that custody of the minor child will be awarded to the mother.

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